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Business Startup, You Do It Wrong

I love to read news about the new business in the Internet. Sometime there are start-ups with very unique ideas. There are some who make a news buzz with putting a lot of money behind it. Among them, there are business boast they have new technologies. What pique my interest is some of the start-up founders claim they have latest technology behind their products while didn’t explain how will the technology help them to serve the customers better.

While I do admit business need technologies are important, but I don’t see any correlation between latest technologies and marketing buzz.

User Experiences is the Goal

No matter what business you are in, no matter what industry you are working, I think you would agree with me that customer satisfaction is very important. Customer experience is the sum of all engagements and interactions a customer has with your business. It is what your customer feels, thinks, says.

If the so call new technology doesn’t adding any value to the customer experience, then what the purpose of telling us you are using latest technology? I am not really care you are using latest version of PHP. I only care does that help me achieve my goal faster or better?

Beside technology itself is a very abstract thing. I don’t know why you are telling me you are using NodeJS. But I guess that must be a good thing. But what?

So my suggestion for who are writing ads or writing sales text, you must emphasis the benefit, the values that can bring for the customer, not the technologies, not the features.

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