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Personal note on Internet Marketing & Project Managament

My First Post: About Internet & Project Management

I’ve been writing lot of articles and stories at various places. You may check my writing at various blog and sometimes stories (like this Indonesia horror stories at Cerita Mistis). Having created lot of blogs and Web, yet until now don’t really have a personal blog, I thought I should own a personal blog. Since this domain is using my last name. I think in the near future, there will be another blogs spring up in here.

I’ve been working on Web industry for quite a time. That’s why I think most of the topics I’ll post would not be far from Internet, software development, Web technologies, Internet marketing, Search Engine Optimization. Internet become open for public at the early 90s, and until today has already penetrate almost everybody life. Although at early 21st, there was dot com stocks crashed, Internet/dotcom company doesn’t make the investor fear among them. Although there were lot of factors, but one think that I would like to highlight is the overoptimistic from the market that the Internet will change everyone life in the near future. It is not wrong itself, such view, considering we indeed can’t live without Internet in 2015 isn’t it.

Now in 2015, we have lot of new exciting technologies. For example, who would have thought a JavaScript can become so popular that it become a server side programming language NodeJS? Last decade, they sprung up CMS like Joomla, WordPress, Drupal. Now there are new CMS that I even don’t know its name. Last ten year, you can spam the Web to rank number one in Google. But today, the method is too dangerous and yet not quite effective to be used anymore (but apparently, till today some people is still keep using spamming method and yet they are ranked well. I guest these method won’t disappear in any moment.)

We used to be using computer to browse Internet. Now we have mobile phone, or a tablet, or even watch, glasses (heck, they even think to connect toilet to Internet). This is how Internet are going to be. Just like electricity enter household in 19th century, and we have tons of electricity wares. We are going to see Internet enter household and expect to see lot of our ware need Internet to functioning. That’s, my friend, is how Internet are going to be.

And since I have interest about Internet (especially in Internet and marketing), mostly of my articles at here are covering those topics.

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