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Personal note on Internet Marketing & Project Managament

Project Management Basic

LinkedIn just acquired Lynda, one of famous online learning site. Seems like to promote Lynda to broader audiences, they are giving temporary free access on Lynda. I am so eager to try because I used to found several Lynda courses are really interesting the Internet marketing ones.

This week I am taking the Project Management, the material is from Project Management Institute (PMI), one of famous organization that create world standard in project management. And because my daily jobs is dealing with project management (and a little bit coding), this is the first course I am taking.

It is always a good idea, to learn from course, although you might already have plenty experiences. Who know we have missed best practices in the fields. Who know there are better ways to do thing right.

The first thing we learn is, what is Project? A project, in my own understanding, can be defined as an process with a definite time range, to achieve certain goal. The important thing is, a project must have a start date and end date. The project must has goal, whether a new product, a more efficient operations, anything.

From the course, I learned that Project has four criteria:

Unique: Each project is unique to each other. Even though you are doing same thing. I am working on Web development field, so I am going to use Web development as example. We build company profile for clients, that’s a website represents the company. Although the process flow is similar, the technology used is same, but it always unique. There are always different clients, different requirements, different designs, different server specification.

Goal: Project must have goal. The goal can be product, services, solving problem or improvements.

Have start and end date : Project must have start and end date. If it doesn’t have end date, then we don’t call it “project”, we call it “operation”. And so, if your project doesn’t have clear end date (which unfortunately happened to me ,sometime), it is good reason to take a look. Something must be wrong.

Budget: Project must have budget to be able to run. In here, “Budget” not only refers to money. It can be human resources and time. Project need these aspects to run.

Well, even from the basic I can learn something. And I think this is good. I might learn lot more and hopefully can make my life easier.

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